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Cocoon Elixir

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Cocoon Elixir

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"A veil of soothing dew on the skin"

Our most gentle and soothing mist, especially suitable for very sensitive and irritation-prone skin, to hydrate, repair, and strengthen. Filled with therapeutic botanicals and barrier fortifiers, built upon a healing aloe-vera base that infuses skin with immediate hydration and acts as a conduit for phytonutrients and probiotics that support the microbiome, harmonize skin immunity to irritation and help to fortify and heal delicate, devitalized, and fatigued skin.

Standard: 50 ml / 1.7 oz
Deluxe: 100 ml / 3.4 oz


How to Use

The oft-neglected or overlooked step between cleansing and serums, our elixirs feed hydration into skin after it's been freshly cleansed and provide hydro-based nutrients to skin that work in synergy with oil-based serums that layer over it.

• Use daily AM and PM as an integral step in your regimen.

• Shake bottle well before use.

• Mist generously onto freshly cleansed skin for immediate hydration, pH alignment, and microbiome fortification.

• Press into the skin to help soak skin in nutrient-rich botanical hydration.

• Follow with serum while skin is still dampened.Spritz throughout the day as a quick skin refresher, mid-day booster, post-gym tonic, after-sun treatment, travel remedy, or to help set makeup.

Use within 6 months of opening for optimal freshness.

Select Key Actives

Calendula: a powerful anti-inflammatory that accelerates skin repair. Calendula flower water contains carotenoids, antioxidants, mucilage, polysaccharides, and saponins that heal skin and promote rejuvenation. Known for its calming effects on sensitive skin, calendula is known to soothe skin irritations including sunburns. Applied regularly, calendula is able to improve circulation and strengthen capillary walls.

Chamomile: a hallmark anti-inflammatory for the skin beloved for its soothing properties, Chamomile is known for its ability to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin, including inflammatory skin conditions. This floral hydrosol relieves irritation, redness, sun damage, and some skin allergies. Helps to also reduce puffiness and tones pores.

Rose Otto: delicate flower water that is hydrating, rejuvenating and soothing, a drop of this rare ingredient is composed of over 7,000 rose petals, shown to improve circulation, tone skin, and capillaries, destress skin, and provide healing to sensitive skin while providing gentle yet intensive hydration.

Acerola: a moisture-rich fruit extract protects skin from environmental and oxidative stress triggered by pollution, sun, and seasonal factors. Highly concentrated in bio-available Vitamin C to increase collagen production and brighten the complexion.

Probiotics: a supercharged concentration formulated specifically for sensitive skin to restore skin barrier health. A proprietary complex recalibrates skin's ecosystem and works in synergy with micronutrients from the living botanical waters to reduce inflammatory and sensitivity.

Full Ingredients List

D-Aloe Barbadensis, C. aurantium amara (Neroli) hydrolat*, C. officinalis (Calendula) hydrolat*, R. officinalis (Rosemary) hydrolat*, L. angustifolia (lavender) hydrolat*, M. recutita (Chamomile) hydrolat*, B. carterii (Frankincense) hydrolat^^, lactobacillus ferment, frequency enhanced water, vegetable glycerine, MSM, R. damascena (Rose) flower petal powder*,M. emarginata (Acerola) extract, colloidal silver

* Organic
^^ Wildcrafted

Our Elixirs are delicately crafted using a base of organic and wild-crafted aloe vera, botanical hydrosols, and flower water. These fresh elixirs contain living nutrients and are incredibly active in hydro-soluble compounds. Our elixirs are free of drying alcohol, synthetic fragrance, and oils. The scent is 100% natural as though you were smelling the actual flower or plant our precious elixirs came from.

Additional Information

Texture: Aqueous Liquid.

Suitable for: All skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Packaging: Standard size is 50 ml / 1.7 oz ultra-violet glass, Deluxe size is 100 ml / 3.4 oz ultra-violet glass. 100% Recyclable.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry area away from direct exposure to sunlight.

✅  Water-free base
✅  Alcohol-free
✅  Oil-free
✅  Essential oil-free
✅  Cruelty-free
✅  Vegan
✅  Gluten-free
✅  Citrus oil-free
✅  Certified Organic & Non-GMO Ingredients
✅  Non-Photosensitizing
✅  Non-Comedogenic
✅  No Artificial Fragrance
✅  Made fresh in the USA



This ultra-refined, pure, gentle mist provides soothing comfort and hydration while reducing skin stress inducers, alleviating inflammation, and relieving redness. Formulated from a therapeutically healing, and deeply regenerative aloe barbadensis base, and supplemented by powerful anti-inflammatory herbs including calendula and chamomile.

For fragile and sensitive skin, our mist provides probiotics and pH optimizing medicinal plants that reinforce skin's protective barrier function, nourish beneficial microflora, and boost the protective acid mantle.

What it's for: a protective veil of hydration and comfort.

Features: ✔️ Soothing anti-inflammatories, ✔️ Helps ease redness, ✔️ Beneficial for Microbiome, ✔️ Adaptogenic, ✔️ Relief for sensitivities

Made for: All skin types.

Especially beneficial for: Sensitive, and reactive complexions.

Skin Feel: An ultra-fine mist that delivers instant hydration leaves skin feeling comforted, and pacified.
Barrier Fortifying Probiotics, Anti-inflammatories, Alcohol-free, Waterless-Base, Sustainably-Harvested Ingredients, Dermatologist -tested, Hypoallergenic

The Science Behind our Elixirs

All of our elixirs are jam-packed with active ingredients brimming with nutrients to deliver serum-level performance in a lightweight aqueous form factor. Unlike traditional mists and toners that are comprised of inert ingredients, the base of our elixir formulations come entirely from botanicals which makes them nutrient-rich and intensely hydrating. Our elixirs represent the full hydro-compound spectrum derived from the raw plant material and they immediately boost hydration from powerful botanical humectants while conditioning the skin and prepping it for serums that follow.

Pressed essence, liquid serum, hydration mist, toning fluid, skin biome regulators - are all names that can be used to describe our purposeful, dynamic formulas. Our elixirs utilize a unique synergy of raw plant material from pure living floral waters, plant essence concentrates, botanical humectants and toning herbal extracts. All formulations are engineered to modulate the ratio of liquid to lipids in the skin tissue and cell membrane to prevent trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). Each elixir is pH-balancing and designed to restore and fortify the skin's microbiome and protective barrier with optimizing probiotics and frequency enhanced waters that strengthen skin resilience and function.

Elle, Wonderfelle

"It’s lovely and ultimately if I had to choose just one mist to use forever… this might be the one!" Beauty Team

"I have personally already used up a bottle of this precious face mist, and it has become a staple in my skincare routine because it is truly effective. It instantly calms aggravated, stressed skin, and it helps with keeping the skin healthy over time."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a face mist?

We get it, the step between cleansing and serums often feels non-essential. But our face mists are created with high-concentration actives. In fact, unlike most face mists, our base formula doesn't even use water, nor alcohol -- we use bio-active plant hydrols that are incredibly nutritive, hydating, and healing.

Post cleanse, the skin has a small window to replenish hydration and receiving conditioning that will help to take on serums and moisturizers. This is where our face mists can really supplement the hydration step that is often overlooked, and strengthen the skin microbiome for functional skin health.

Is Cocoon Elixir the right face mist for me?

Cocoon Elixir is considered our "universal" face mist. This is why it's the go-to for sensitive, and reactive skin types. The formula can be beneficial, and enjoyed by every skin type. If you're undecided, or not certain, we'd point you to go with Cocoon Elixir.

Give it a try (we offer all our elixirs in a deluxe trial size!), and email us to let us know how your skin likes it so we can make any adjustments as needed!

What does Cocoon Elixir smell like?

Cocoon Elixir smells like the wonderful, fresh botanicals in the formula. We never add fragrance. Since smell can be really subjective, if we were to point out specific botanicals in the composition, they would be Neroli, Calendula, Chamomile.

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