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A nourishing, silky body oil made from cold-pressed, organic plant oils rich in antioxidants, emollients, omegas, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that deeply moisturize, soothe, and beautify the skin. Helps to alleviate dryness, improve skin elasticity, tone firmness, and defend against environmental stressors.

100 ml / 3.4 oz


How to Use

• Gently shake the bottle before every use.

• Smooth generous pumps of body serum to damp skin, ideally as a post-shower or bath treatment for optimal absorption and moisture-locking benefits. Pay special attention to areas prone to persistent dryness such as elbows.

• As a body treatment, gentle massage in upward motions toward the core following lymphatic massage, dry brushing, or sauna to boost circulation, improve repair and saturate skin with nutrients.

• For aromatherapeutic and hair benefits, press one pump of oil between palms and smooth onto damp or dry hair from mid-length to ends.

Use within 10 months of opening for best performance.

Select Key Actives

Regenerating Flower Complex: Immortelle, wild French Lavender, Blue Water Lily & Indian Lotus Flowers blend to form a gorgeous and exotic complex that promotes hydration and cell renewal. This antioxidant-rich complex helps soothe inflammation, accelerate wound healing, and restore dry skin.

*Immortelle and wild French Lavender go through a process of triple infusion over a period of 3 weeks for maximum potency.

Prickly Pear: exceptionally abundant in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which replenish skin and improve moisture retention. Alleviates oxidative stress and free radical damage to enhance healing, relieve dryness, and soothe irritation.

Camellia Seed Oil: a traditional beauty secret native to Asia, Camellia Seed Oil is incredibly silky and light. This precious oil is high in antioxidants that act as natural UV shields to prevent photo-aging, environmental stressors, and hyperpigmentation due to sun damage.  Rich in deeply nourishing essential fatty acids and lipids including oleic acid and squalene which keep skin supple and youthful.

Red Raspberry: high in nourishing essential fatty acids, texture refining and fortifying Vitamin C, and antioxidants including phenolics and glucosides which scavenge free radicals. Helps stimulate cell renewal and collagen synthesis to improve skin elasticity and firmness. Provides natural protection from solar radiation.

Five Flavor Berry: renowned in Asia, this is considered one of the fundamental herbs in traditional Eastern medicine to detoxify and restore the body. Relives skin fatigue and provides a stress-protective effect from external factors including extreme temperatures, pressurization, inflammation, radiation, and sun damage. Nutritionally, five flavor berries are exceptionally high in Vitamin E and Vitamin C, and adaptogens that reduce stress hormones and increase cellular vitality which slows the aging process and fortifies skin.

Acai Berry: a rich golden oil brimming with healing, nutritive, and invigorating nutrients. The combination of Omega 6 & 9 EFA’s, Vitamins (B, C, E), Minerals (Calcium, Potassium, Iron), Amino Acids, Phytosterols, and antioxidants make this quick-absorbing oil wonderful for deep hydration and anti-aging care. Helps to restore skin elasticity, soothe muscle aches, protect against inflammation and irritation.

*Harmony is biophotonically-charged during the infusion phase. This energizes the actives and refines the oils on a molecular level to penetrate more deeply into skin.

Full Ingredients List

Regenerating flower complex (H. italicum, L. angustifolia, N.caerulea, N. alba, N. nucifera infused in organic O. europaea*, S. chinensis oil*, V. vinifera oil*, fractionated coconut oil, O. ficus-indica seed oil*, C. sinensis oil*, R.rubiginosa oil*, M. flexuosa oil, E. oleracea oil, C. vulgaris seed oil, R. idaeus oil, S. chinensis extract^, H. rhamnoides berry and seed extract^, proprietary blend of therapeutic organic & wildcrafted essential oils

* Organic
^^ Wildcrafted

Additional Information

Texture: Nourishing Lipidic Oil.

Suitable for: All skin types. Especially those prone to dryness or environmental exposure.

Packaging: 100 ml / 3.4 oz ultra-violet glass. 100% Recyclable.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry area away from direct exposure to sunlight.

✅ Vegan
✅ Cruelty-free
✅ Gluten-free
✅ Nut oil-free
✅ Non-Photosensitizing
✅ Non-Comedogenic
✅ No Artificial Fragrance
✅ Made fresh in the USA



The ultimate total body treat: a luxuriously silky blend of organic plant oils infused with a dynamic complex of herbs and flowers. This weightless, fast absorbing, yet deeply nourishing oil locks in moisture while replenishing actives fortify and tone skin to improve elasticity, promote cellular repair, and alleviate dryness and dullness. This decadent and innovative blend transforms skin rendering it velvety soft, buttery smooth, and lusciously supple, leaving the body and senses in a state of Harmony.

We blend the best, highest quality plant material with the process technology for uncompromised efficacy. Each bottle of Harmony Body Oil is the result of an intensive process that includes a triple infusion of regenerative flower extracts in the most nutrient-rich plant oils. During the infusion phase, we imbibe the infusion in rejuvenating rose quartz, soothing jade, and healing amethyst while bio-photonically charging the raw plant material. This time staking process supercharges the dynamic plants resulting in a heightened nutritional bio-availability and a refined molecular size for enhanced absorption.

What it's for: total love and care for the body.

Features: ✔️ Triple-infused with our Floral Complex, ✔️ Imbued in Rose Quartz, Jade, and Amethyst ✔️ Therapeutic Sensorial Notes of Rose, Vanilla, and Amber ✔️ Protects against Environmental Stressors ✔️ Relieves stress and tension

Made for: All skin types.

Especially beneficial for: anyone seeking to take care of their body with facial-care level ingredients.

Skin Feel: Sumptuous, soft, supple, well nourished.
Clean, Vegan, Nut-free, Cruelty-free, Hypoallergenic, Nutrient-rich, Aromatherapeutic

5 Recommendations for Harmony

Herbal infusions in aloe vera engineered to be biomimetic to the body's own tear chemistry provide soothing hydration and skin refining nutrients that strengthen skin's microflora and barrier function while tackling the residue and film of impurities on the skin from environmental stressors including pollution, smog, smoke, UV radiation contaminants, oxidized sebum, and toxins.

Halcyon Cleanser utilizes an innovative emulsive gel format that is able to more deeply and comprehensively cleanse than oils and creams that have larger molecular sizes which primarily sweep superficial oil-based impurities, while incorporating advanced green technology to bypass the need for harsh detergents and chemical surfactants that can strip, imbalance and irritate the skin, resulting in a client-favorite that soothes and calms skin, as it thoroughly cleanses, leaving the complexion soft, fresh and renewed – setting the foundation for beautiful, healthy skin.

Garance Dore

Selected as a Beauty Favorite Top-pick

Bond En Avant

"You’re basically putting a salad in and on your skin. With ingredients like prickly pear, camellia seed oil, acai berry, and French lavender – bright, healthy, glowing soft skin are sure to abound."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harmony Body Oil photosensitizing?

No, our formula is photo-stable, and helps provide protection from environmental aggressors. Layer under sunscreens for a boost in skin protection.

How quickly will Harmony Body Oil absorb?

Harmony Body Oil is designed for high-speed absorption. Allow 1-2 minutes to work its magic as it melts within your skin, then get dressed and go about your day, or slip into bed!

Can I use this during pregnancy?

Yes! Our own co-founder, Yun, used this during her pregnancy, and it's marvelous for helping maintain skin elasticity. Plus, the ingredients are nurturing and nourishing.

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